Spray Foam insulation is the miracle product of the 21st Century. Spray Foam provides a superior barrier to the temperature extremes of summer and winter weather. When properly formulated and applied Spray Foam seals the cracks and crevices in homes and businesses stopping the air flow by sealing drafts that will impact the temperature differences between outside and inside air in the winter and summer.  Spray Foam can significantly decrease the energy dollars spent on the buildings heating and cooling environment.

Nevertheless, improperly formulated or improperly installed Spray Foam becomes an odorous nightmare. Out-gassing a plethora of choking smelly gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the living environment can make it uninhabitable.

Working with experienced environmental air and product technicians who are trained to assess the off-gassing problems related to the Spray Foam job tests are conducted of the room air as well as the specific testing of the installed Spray Foam insulation to determine what chemicals are being out-gassed all of  which provides the information necessary to identify and remedy the out gassing problem.

Additionally, with our experience working with these experts, we can guide the expert in preparing the report to meet evidentiary standards along with the supporting expert witness’s testimony.  An experienced Environmental Expert is necessary during the often last resort litigation that may be required to resolve the issues between manufacturers and vendors and the home or business owner effected.

Spray foam formulated and applied properly is unique in its ability to optimize insulation efficiency. However, when odors are detected from this product that out-gas indicates a problem with its formulation and application and a need for remediation.